What are your prices?

Prices are completely based on season, availability, and services requested. Please email us a photo of what you are looking for and details on your wedding/elopement date so we can give you an accurate price.

Where are you located? Can we meet for a consultation?

Rosie Posie is based out of a private studio not open to the public but we are working on getting an office space for consultations in the near future. Typically, all the things we would discuss in a consultation can be discussed via email but we are open to meeting in person, if requested. 

Do/can you use silk (fake) flowers in my bouquet?

We do not and will not use silk flowers in any of our bouquets or arrangements. Our specialty is fresh natural florals. Mentioning natural flowers brings us to the topic of dyed flowers- we also do not work with dyed or painted flowers either. If it doesn't naturally grow in that color, then we will not use it.